Company Profile

Saudi Marble & Granite Factory Co. Ltd. (SMG) is a leading manufacturer of Natural Stones, including Granite, Slate, Marble, Sandstone and Limestone. It was established in Saudi Arabia in 1991, and has since increased its annual production to over 120,000 M3 of rough blocks and 4,000,000 (Four Million) M2 of different sizes (slabs, standard sizes, cut-to-size, water-jet, etc.) of stones, with a total personnel/work force of over 2,800.

SMG plans to expand its global reach as it caters to the GCC and MENA, and across Africa, Southeast Asia, Far East, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, and the United States of America.

Modern architectural design frequently incorporates the widest possible use of natural stone in buildings, and for extensive use in interior design for walls, floors and furniture. Architects love the colour, texture and accuracy of processed stonework, whilst Property Owners greatly appreciate the low lifecycle cost of maintaining stone finishes and keeping their buildings indefinitely in “as-new” condition.

The amazing range of textures and colours of natural stone, especially marble and granite, and exceptional strength and durability, are all combined to ensure its ongoing popularity as a natural product, delivering high value-for-money, superb appearance and very low maintenance.

Although Saudi Arabia is world-famous for its vast oil reserves, the geology of the Arabian Peninsula also provides a huge diversity of other economically important raw materials, notably natural stones, an amazing range of some of the most beautiful granites in the world, with notable deposits of high quality marble in Oman as well.

This superb natural resource has given rise to an extensive Mining, Quarrying and Stone-Working Industry in Saudi Arabia, supplying the domestic demands of the GCC Countries in architecture and interior design, and sustaining a major export trade in raw and finished stone products, especially granite and marble.