Yara Ceramica

Yara Ceramica was established as a division of SMG, specializing in the production of a wide range of ceramic and porcelain tiles for walls, floors, and terraces. Our products are available in distinctive colors and sizes, made of high-grade quality specially designed for the construction industry, to satisfy every client’s requirements.

Yara Ceramica is a major Division of Saudi Marble & Granite Cooperating within WIIC.

The Company has been set up as a specialist manufacturer for the production of superior quality ceramic and porcelain tiles in more than 60 combinations of shades and sizes for use in walls and floors, both externally and internally in all kinds of buildings.

Yara Ceramica has established a Design Studio staffed by a Team of highly skilled designers capable of producing the most exquisite designs using tiles from the Company’s product  range to express an unsurpassed ambience of luxury and beauty.