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Saudi Marble & Granite Factory Company - About


Saudi Marble & Granite Factory Co Ltd (SMG) was established in 1991 as a subsidiary of Al Harbi Group, a pioneer in Saudi Arabia’s Mining and Construction Sectors.

Over the past quarter-of-a-century, SMG has explored the Kingdom’s rich mineral deposits in search for the finest quality stone , equal to the best anywhere in the world, and is proud to have supplied top-quality finished granite, marble and slate for many of the most prestigious projects in the MENA region.

Today, SMG operates 18 major quarries, employing over 2800 employees, in different locations around The Kingdom, producing granite of unique beauty, in a range of distinctive colours and textures and in quantities sufficient to meet growing demand, both nationally and Internationally, for stone cladding and flooring in the smallest to the largest projects. Blocks are sourced from SMG’s own quarries in Saudi Arabia and their manufacturing facilities can process slabs in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and surface-finishes.

Furthermore, SMG’s granite products and services have been constantly diversifying and developing through major investment in exploration, extraction, specialized transportation and processing.

SMG Project Division is staffed by a team of professional engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of stone-cladding and is available for consultation and the development of technical solutions for any project requirement.

SMG operates some of the most advanced stone-cutting facilities in the world and, through professional management, quality-orientated work-force, technical sophistication and state-of-the-art equipment, is capable of supplying the largest projects regionally & internationally.