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Saudi Marble & Granite Factory Company - Art Stone

Art Stone

A division of SMG Specializing in natural and artificial marble of different tiles, Art Stone provides a variety of only the finest materials available in coverings. We work with selected suppliers and manufacturers from around the globe to offer our clients unique and high quality products for their decorative needs. Artstone is a specialized stone-working company dedicated to the requirements of Interior Design at the highest level of quality and aesthetics.

With a strong focus on major contracts such as commercial and residential, hotels and hospitals, mosques and government buildings SMG, through its ArtStone Subsidiary, has achieved a reputation amongst key contractors and developers as the most trusted supplier of installed granite and marble to the highest specifications. A great many of the most prestigious public, commercial and private projects throughout the entire Gulf Region have been successfully done by SMG / ArtStone.

The Company employs specialized designers, artists and craftsmen with a huge range of skills and the technical resources, including water-jet cutting and engraving, to undertake even the most complex ornamental and decorative designs in stone, including expert installation, for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

In addition to ornamental design-work, Artstone also provides a comprehensive service in the design and installation of stone tiles for walls and floors, as well as a huge range of stone furniture including vanity-tops, counter-tops, table-tops, balusters, pedestals, columns and many other exquisite decorative stone items meeting the most stringent demands of a discerning Clientele of Property-owners, Architects & Interior Designers.

Artstone has developed a Global supply chain to ensure stocks of some of the world’s most beautiful natural stone including marble, granite, slate and lime-stone. Many of Artstone’s raw stone products are derived from sources within the WIIC Group of Companies including SMG, Tanhat Mining Company and Riyadh Stone Company (Desert Stone).

Artstone also specializes in the production of Silestone, a synthetic resin-based material is containing a substantial component of natural quartz that provides a smooth, granite-like, surface that is non-porous, scratch-resistant and often stronger than natural granite or marble.

Quartz Silestone is available from Artstone in a wide variety of beautiful colours and patterns resembling natural granite and marble, and is an ideal material for kitchen tops and bathrooms where it’s ultra smooth finish is easy to clean and will maintain it’s new appearance indefinitely. Silestone is also a relatively lightweight material which means that cabinets generally do not have to be reinforced to the same extent as for granite-slab tops.

You are cordially invited to visit our Showroom to review our superb range of natural stone and resin-quartz “Silestone” products and to discuss your requirements in detail with our Team of Experts in design, manufacture and installation