Established as a division of SMG Factory, Salalah specializes in importing and manufacturing the finest Omani & Turkish marbles. Each kind is selected for its durability and artful design, with a quality that is competitive with the best international trademarks. Salalah has earned global trust and has become the choice of many local and international projects. Salalah Marble was established as a division of the Saudi Marble & Granite Co., specializing in the importing and processing of the finest types of marble. Construction marble is a stone made of calcite (calcium limestone), dolomite (magnesium limestone) and Serpentine, which has been metamorphosed by heat and pressure deep in the Earth’s crust and subsequently uncovered through erosion and uplifted to create substantial bodies of marble rock that can be quarried in commercial quantities and in sizes that can be economically processed for use in the Construction Industry. The unique calcitic composition of marble allows it to be cut and processed into slabs and tiles as well as intricate shapes which can be finished to a high degree of polish. The accuracy of finished edges allows marble to be used in the creation of intricate designs for floors and walls with seamless joints. Salalah Marble Factory obtains its supplies of raw marble blocks from sources of highest international reputation for quality and colour, especially from quarries in Oman and Turkey, as well as the famous white marble from Carrara in Italy. These high-value blocks are carefully selected by Salalah’s Quality Control Specialists and are processed in their state-of-the-art factory in Riyadh using best available cutting and polishing technology Salalah Marble is a Company with a wide reputation for quality, diversity, competitive pricing and service not only within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also globally.